Venusa Bianco 2018


From indigenous variety Dorona di Venezia grapes of the Island of Mazzorbo, the new born Venusa rapresents a second version of Venissa Bianco: freshness and drinkability with a focus on the venetian’s lagoon terroir.

Just released Venusa Bianco was born in the 2018 harvest: a different selection of the grapes, stands out for its drinkability pleasure: wild flowers, quince and saltness without settling for a compromise on character and rarity.



V e n u s a   B i a n c o   2 0 1 8

  • Technical Sheet
  • Production Area: Venice, Island of Mazzorbo
  • Grape variety: 100% Dorona di Venezia
  • Vineyard Surface: 0,8 ha
  • Orientation: East-West, flat and level
  • Elevation: from 1 m to -1 m above sea level
  • Soil type: Silty-sandy, rich in organic material and clay
  • Vine training method: Guyot
  • Vine density per ha: 4000
  • Production per plant: 1,5 kg
  • Harvest: Manual, first week of September
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks
  • Temperature of fermentation: 16/17 C
  • Length of maceration: 10 days with daily manual punching down
  • Yeast: Selective
  • Alcohol content: 12,5%
  • Aging: 24 months concrete vats

Tasting Notes

  • Venusa Bianco 2018 shows a yellow color and golden shades that suggest the maceration on the skin.
  • A lighter color compared with Venissa as a lighter maceration has been carried out.
  • Olfactory profile offers a delicate intensity of floreal notes sustained by a bright yellow fruit: wildflowers, ripe peach and quince.
  • On the palate the wine is following the fragrance of the nose, augmented by more nuanced notes of salty minerality highlighting the venetian’s lagoon origin.
  • Juicy acidity drives the sip enhancing verticality and drinkability pleasure.
  • Compared with Venissa Bianco, Venusa Bianco white comes with lesser complexity although freshness and extreme drinkability that deliver a more easy to understand wine.


“An unique terroir hides excellence of unique flavor between sandbar and salty soil in the Native Venice.

We found ourselves immersed in a rarefied atmosphere, almost suspended, in a timeframe that seems to have forgotten a real dimension.”

Venissa estate is in Mazzorbo, an island that together with Torcello and Burano rapresents the Native Venice: an arcipelago of nature, colors, flavors and art.

Venissa is a perfect example of walled vineyard, recovered from Bisol family. Inside of it the Dorona grape still exists, a native variety from the lagoon of Venice, cultivated over the centuries and almost extinct after the big flood of 1966.

Nowadays this ‘’clos’’ gives birth to 3000 bottles of Venissa, one of the most sought-after wine from the collectors, awarded from VinePair as best white wine of the world, an unique wine with salty, brackish notes that evoke the Venice lagoon and its taste.