Venissa Bianco 2017 Jeroboam


Venissa’s consciousness allowed to isolate only the most stressed plants from extreme conditions, drastically lowering production. The outcome is a massive concentration and an even more marked expression of the characteristics and potentials of this variety on the island of Mazzorbo, Venice.

Deep golden colour, the nose displays citrus peels, nuts and blond tobacco. A suave bouquet. The palate, well structured and mouth-filling, is refreshing and lively. Notes of honey, chamomille and spices appear in its dry savoury finish. A persistent and intense after-taste. Plenty of rewards now with promises to age beautifully.


-Bottle of 3 L (single bottle in fine wooden single case)

Alcohol content: 13%

Temperature of service: 10-12 C 50-53°F

Venissa Bianco 2017

Number of bottles produced:

2760 half a liter, 80 magnums, 40 Jeroboams, 20 imperials

“In Giovanni Moretti’s creation the label has been replaced by a precious
sheet of gold fashioned by the modern day descendent of the ancient
Battiloro family. The leaf was applied by hand and the bottle was then
re-fired in the ovens on the island of Murano.”