Venissa Rosso 2012 Jeroboam


An exceptional red wine that conveys the heart of Native Venice.

The wine has an intense ruby red color with violet shades, it offers olfactory notes of flowers from the sandbar with fruity sensations of dark berries – such as mulberry and blueberry -and more complex expressions of tobacco and briny notes.

The tactile postnasal sensation is balsamic and savory. On the palate more hints of black fruit, associated with licorice and chocolate notes. The Finale is smooth with a long persistence.

-Bottle of 3 L in wooden case

-Alcohol: 14%

Temperature of service: 16-18 C

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Venissa Rosso 2012

Number of bottles produced:

3332 half a liter, 40 magnums, 20 Jeroboams, 10 imperials

“In Giovanni Moretti’s creation the label has been replaced by a precious
sheet of copper fashioned by the modern day descendent of the ancient
Battiloro family. The leaf was applied by hand and the bottle was then
re-fired in the ovens on the island of Murano.”