Native Venice

The island of Mazzorbo is home to a vineyard that has been able to overcome the challenge of the high tide for centuries, giving rise to a wine with characteristics that are entirely unique.

Scopri la storia di Venissa con il docufilm "il vino, l'oro e la laguna"


Known as the Golden Grape during the age of the Venetian Doges, this autochthonous grape variety almost became extinct, and after centuries of history only a few plants were left hidden away in vegetable gardens and convents.


The Vineyard

Located on the island of Mazzorbo in the heart of the Lagoon Park where the soil make’s up only 8% of the surface area. A unique vineyard where the vine has found its magical equilibrium between the fertility of a soil well-suited to grape growing and the continuous threat of salt and water.

Vineyard numbers

The Wine Making Process

The meeting between a white wine expert Desiderio Bisol and a red wine expert Roberto Cipresso led to the production of a white wine made according to the rules of the great reds with maceration of the skins to extract aromas and colours.


The Bottle

A blend of two Venetian traditions linked to gold: Dorona, the golden grape loved by the Doges and almost lost to time, and the sheet of gold leaf still produced by hand by the Berta Battiloro family in Venice. This was the idea of Giovanni Moretti, one of Murano’s great glass working artists who created the Venissa bottle.

The gold leaf is placed on the bottle, fired and blended into the glass on Murano. Afterwards, the number of each individual bottle, with respect to the number produced in that year’s vintage, is inscribed into the glass.


"The wine offered a heady and evolving nose, vintage 2010 was the more completely wine currently, but one sensed that the 2011 had a greater number of elements that would come into fusion."
Tom Harrow, Financial Times


Rosso Venissa

A great red wine from the the Native Venice

Discover Rosso Venissa


How to find Venissa wine

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30142 Venezia - Italy

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How to reach us Times

From Ca’ Noghera - Airport

time: 15 minutes
Venissa Watertaxi on reservation.

From Venice

time: 35 minutes
Vaporetto Linea 12 from Fondamenta Nove.
Stop Mazzorbo - Burano. Go to website ACTV

From Treporti

time: 15 minutes
Vaporetto. Linea 12. Linea LN for the night time service. Go to website ACTV

Venissa is easily accessible from Venezia/Ca'Noghera/Treporti. Choose from which point you want to reach us for further information:

Da Venezia / Da Ca’ Noghera / Da Treporti

A Venissa private moorings are available for guests arriving by boat.

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